Home Visits for the Elders

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Just kindness and the time for a visit in some cases have a greater effect than any medication, and at the same time motivate for activities that can make them be more useful for the others but also for themselves.

House care for the elders implements: women visitors (50), helping nurses (2), medical nurse and doctors. Home visits by the women visitors happened continuously in the beginning (1998) for two hours for the elders over 60 years old, who lived alone and had no relatives. Afterwards other elders who needed care were included in the project…

According to the project every old person gets visits twice a week (1 woman visitor for 4 elders) but since the health situation got worse and additional needs arose the visits take place even more frequently than twice per week.

During their visits women visitors provide:

  • Home care (personal hygiene, bathing) implemented in the elders' homes if possible and on the organisation's premises if not.
  • Help in the house service (cleaning, bying groceries, medications, going to a hospital, daily needs fulfillment).
  • Home recovery (after hospitalisation is finished) by everyday visits, taking medication observations…
  • Help in keeping a social contact; healing conversations, help in rebuilding family members' relationships.