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In the beginning of 1999 our organisation was visited by a group of humanists who supported returnees to Bosnia from Hagen, Germany. Since in that period children without a parent or both of them stopped to receive financial support we discussed ways to help these children. With huge effort of Mrs. Netty Müller-Grosse and Mrs. Hata Grozdanic – both live and work in Hagen – and volunteer work of the Krajiška Suza staff the project of children support lasts from 1999 up to today. Families from Hagen and Bremen help families, and with this children from Sanski Most.

14 families were included in this project and 25 children received this support. Today, there are 15 children, who have finished high school education, and 5 children went to universities. Children who finished high school education and didn't continue are still in contact with us. Some of them are employed now. Some of them are married at the moment and have their own children.

Our friends visit us in Sanski Most and every time they visit these children at their homes, and we also organise gatherings on our organisation's premises for them. Children write to their donors about their needs and problems and also send thank you notes.

All our children, who are involved in this project, come to our organisation not only for financial support but also when they need other kinds of support (advising, directing…)

Thanks to all humanists who supported these children, they can live like other children of their age, and today these children are happy and successful.