The Women's Club

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From the very beginning Krajiška Suza has been dealing with women issues in our community and in many ways has been providing support for women. In 2003 we created the Women's Club, for women of all ages, professions and interests so we could provide for them what we couldn't with existing projects. The club was designed in a way that women could initiate activities according to their wishes, possibilities and interests and the following activities have been developed within the Women's club:

  • Self-help groups with different topics: women's position in the society (a family, a community, career…); interpersonal relationships ( a family, relatives, friends, community…); culture, tradition, health, kids raising and other topics related to children.
  • Seminars - usage of existing potentials of women from the Club (different professions and skills) that were taught to other women with different topics: women's health, PMS, healthy food, culture, tradition, religion…
  • Celebrations - with the goal of bringing back the tradition, costums, co-existance, tolerance and respect for differencies
  • Quiz
  • Yoga courses
  • Fitness center
  • Jointly organised handicrafts
  • Joint field trips and going out down town
  • Education in Non-Violent Communication by a professional