Psychological Support

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With in the ambulance / home care 50 women visitors take care of 200 old persons.
The visitors are payed for doing this and also they participate in self-help groups and working meetings led by two Krajiška Suza team members.

On a daily basis women visitors face problems on which they need to learn and to apply knowledge and skills they got, so as to learn from experiences and move forward together.

Besides the problems from the work with elders the women visitors talk more about their personal problems in groups:

  • Violence: domestic violence among parents and children, among husbands and wives, among partners
  • Difficulties of raising children
  • Traumatic experiences: loss of loved ones, war experiences, illnesses, abortions etc.
  • Women's rights in a society
  • Family conflicts

The group itself is a »ventilation« for the women with traumatic experiences, with professional facilitation of course. By coming to the group women affirm the importance of the group (for some of them the only support they have) because they went through the traumatisation-loss, dealing with losses. Tradition, family and living conditions are some of the factors that stop us from fighting violence.