Education and Supervision

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The Krajiška Suza team has through its work undergone education in the following fields:

Psycho-social support

  • Basic knowledge about psychological trauma with focus on war traumatisation
  • Psychological consequences, war trauma symptoms
  • Therapeutic techniques in work with traumatised people
  • Work with traumatised children, child trauma basics, working techniques
  • Helpers' menthal health protection
  • Self-help groups
  • Organisational development
  • Communication
  • Conflict
  • Stress - Crises - Trauma
  • Violence as a source of traumatisation
  • Violence in partnerships
  • Violence on children
  • Trafficking
  • Drug addictions
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, symptoms and prevention
  • Legal frame protection of domestic violence and trafficking


Traing for trainers

And many seminars about other fields that are connected to the work of every activist.
Also, Krajiška Suza during its work has supervisions for the team by many experts from Bosna i Hercegovina (Medica in Zenica, Vive Žene in Tuzla) and abroad (David Becker in Germany)

For its beneficiaries who are also implementators of the project (women - visitors) Krajiška Suza provides education on geriatry regularly.