Implemented Projects

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Center for children with special needs


Krajiska suza provides a support to the children with special needs with the goal to improve their lifes. This support manifests in different psycho-social activities and it serves to the children to accept positive social values and take a place and positions in the society that belong to the.

Support to the children with special needs and their parents through activities:

- preparatory work for education (make them able for the basics of reading, writing, maths),
- logopedical treatman for children with speaking disabilities
- workshops - active learning and developing working abilities( children from 12 - 17 years),
- support groups for the childrens' with special needs mothers
- mini library with books about disabilities for mothers, professionals and the staff

Goals are:

- providing support in development of the children through educational, corrective and sport activities
- afirmation and children's possibilities
- support and education for parents
- with joint forces parents and professionals make a better future for the children

The Center accepts children from 4 to 17 years old and the work is being done in two groups with different activities.

Work hours of the Centers are from 8 00 - 16 00 Monday through Friday. This activity has been financed by IOCC and sometimes from private donors too. Since we lack supplies for the activity Krajiska suza staff has been volunteerly working so that the Center remains opened. Because of the fact that we don't have financial support all the time from time to time the Center's being closed and reopened.