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The organisation »Krajiška Suza« is a non-governmental humanitarian organisation that works on improving the quality of life through providing care in medical, social, psychological, cultural and existential needs of people living in and around  Sanski Most.

The organisation is registered in the High Court in Zenica placed in Travnik as the »Association of Women in War Krajiška Suza«, and in 1996 the organisation moved to Sanski Most, 1998 re-registered as the »Humanitarian Organisation Krajiška Suza«. In 2004 we were registered as the »Association Krajiška Suza«.

Our work is based in Sanski Most (town and 12 suburbs).

At the moment we have 400 members: women, children and elders (which is not the final number).

During the work Krajiška Suza has had a huge number of members (1000 per year) who were direct or non-direct beneficiaries of different projects.

The beneficiaries and the related activities are:


  • self-help groups
  • courses (hair dressing, sewing, English language) and education
  • counseling (gynecology, legal advices)
  • relaxation (fitness, field trips, gatherings, celebrations...)
  • public discussions, round tables, radio shows
  • social package (money donations, food, clothing, hygienic supplies, medications)
  • preventive-educational lessons about health


  • kindergarten
  • social package (money donations, food, clothing)
  • center for children with special needs
  • godparenting


  • home visits
  • daily center
  • medical care in the ambulance and at home
  • preventive-educational lessons about health
  • transport service

We began our work by having only our enthusiasm, without space, technical or financial support at all. By now, Krajiška Suza, besides projects that go continuously for many years, has implemented 15 short terms projects, that are connected directly for our program goals. Some organisations, institutions and individuals from the local community provided us their help.